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As a student, you look at problems with a fresh and creative look. Therefore innovative companies like to challenge you to come up with cutting-edge ideas through a structured design and feedback process.

Having an idea is one thing, but it’s the way ideas are refined that makes for a succesful innovation. Our platform is designed in a way that you can build and co-create your ideas. Through iterations with the companies and consumers, your ideas will grow into high quality concepts.

  • “I loved the fact that I could see how different students from all over the world tackle a design brief given by a big client.”
    ~ Agata Brilli, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • “The direct interaction with a company helped us to develop not only as a designer but also as a person.”
    ~ Alexander Lizarralde, Mondragon University, Spain
  • “Nimble Bee has taught us that if you have a goal in life, you can reach it with really hard work and true cooperation.”
    ~ Danel Martinez Esnal, Mondragon University, Spain
  • “The interaction with experts on Nimble Bee gave me the feeling to be involved into a professional matter while still being a student!”
    ~ Amadeus Schneider, Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw, Poland
  • “This participation was not only an exciting and creative challenge but also a learning process to professionalism and innovation.”
    ~ Geerke Sticker, Howest, Belgium
  • “Because we can exchange ideas and suggestions by using the design competition platform, it brings out various imaginations.”
    ~ Ko Yu-Hong, Shih Chien, Taiwan
  • “Nimble Bee was my first step to believe myself that I can accomplish to understand and push boundaries of my creativity.”
    ~ Nihan Sigirci,Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • “This showed me it’s possible to have a real professional experience between a students group and international companies.”
    ~ Jokin Dolara Balanzategui, Mondragon University, Spain
  • “Thanks so much to Nimble Bee and P&G. This is really a good platform to have a chance to contact with a company for a student.”
    ~ Changwei Zhou, Tongji University, China
  • “This allowed us to have a professional experience with guidance of great enterprises and advantages of being an student.”
    ~ Aura Ramos, TEC Monterrey, Mexico

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Why should you participate?

Global competition

Istanbul, Madrid, Taipei, Monterrey, Cincinnati, Shanghai,… Show your skills and compete the world!

Certificate of participation

Every participant will receive a certificate of participation, hand-signed by the company’s Director of Innovation.

World-leading brands

Want to design the next revolution in drinking bottles? Or do you feel more like re-designing established brands?

Online co-creation

Don’t just join and share an idea. Collaborate on designs from peers and team up. Use the private sketch boards to ideate, co-create and iterate.

Company feedback

The companies comment and answer questions on your first sketches and ideas. Use their feedback wisely.

Money prizes

Ok, it’s not the ‘win for life’ jackpot, but we do have awesome prizes. €3000, €2000, and €1000 for the respective first three winning designs.

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