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Fast-cycle crowdsourcing

Our global network of Universities is the key driver for the success of The Nimble Bee design competition.

The Nimble Bee platform makes it easy for students from all over the world to compete against each other and to come up with the best design.

It’s a unique experience to gather real life design experience, with feedback from international companies and end-users alike.

The top 3 winning designs are awarded with up to 6000 euros of total prize money per challenge!

The competition as part of the curriculum ensures highly qualitative designs.

Design thinking

Each competition is a series of iterations through a managed network of universities and consumer communities, resulting in valuable new ideas for the companies, and experience in real-life business for universities and students.

What the university staff is saying…

“It’s been a great motivation for our students to get feedback from the companies on the generated solutions!”Alazne Alberdi, Mondragon University
“The Nimble Bee competition portal allowed our students at Appalachian State to communicate with their peers in Belgium at Howest. I believe this opened their eyes to the many differences between packaging here in the US and abroad!”Michael Rall, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design, Appalachian State University
“It was an opportunity to be a part of the Nimble Bee competition. Even the structure of the whole process was innovative.”Gülname Turan, Istanbul Technical University
“Responding to real clients’ needs, quick feedback from the companies and international environment are challenge and good experience for students and their tutors.”Michal Stefanowski, Head of Design Dept., Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
“It’s clear that sometimes we need to use, and create, new ways to exhibit the talent of our students, so the big ones can see how powerful the new generation of designers is. Nimble Bee does that.”Iván Vidal, Dirección, IED Madrid
“The competition, the design challenges from international companies and the interactive platform motivate the students to push boundaries, becoming young professionals.”Dries Laperre, Howest Belgium
“it was a great opportunity for our students to be part of a process of open innovation design with a real brief & with an excellent feedback in every phase.”Raffaella Mangiarotti, Deepdesign, Milano

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